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We love World Book Day at Tiny Owl!

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The perfect costume on a rainy day!
Author of Fair Shares, Pippa Goodhart, dresses up as Hare alongside her dog as Bear!

How are you celebrating World Book Day?

There is something so magical about sharing a story. Children are given the opportunity to use their imagination and explore the world through reading.

Established in over 100 different countries, World Book Day is a celebration of books, bringing together readers of all ages, from all different cultural backgrounds. As a worldwide day of appreciation for literature, it reinforces the idea that stories from around the world are bridges that engage children with the rest of the world.

Our books are diverse and inclusive. Tiny Owl’s energy and passion stems from a belief that stories do indeed act as bridges – providing pathways to new experiences. It is important to give children unique perspectives and a greater awareness of the diverse and colourful world we live in!

We cannot wait to see all of your fabulous costumes throughout the day! If your school are celebrating World Book Day on Friday, check out our fun and easy Tiny Owl costume suggestions here.

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