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Happy International Dance Day!

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The Drum

Dancing is one of the most natural, human, things in the world. It’s something that we do when we’re very young, bopping along to nursery rhymes, and when we’re older: dancing in the first dance of a wedding for example. But, something that is often overlooked is that dancing has some amazing benefits for children, which is why this Sunday 29th April, International Dance Day, we want to celebrate the relationship children have with dancing. So, we’re going to be giving away a copy of The Drum signed its by Ken Wilson-Max.

Dancing can help children to build confidence and strength, while also fostering their sense of creativity. Dance is a way of celebrating the amazing things that their body can do, and using it as a way of expressing themselves. But perhaps one of the most beautiful things dance can do for children is unite them. As a way of celebrating International Dance Day, the International Theatre Institute is picking five message authors, one from each of the five UNESCO regions, to give messages about the importance of dance. These messages are translated into many different languages so that people from around the world can understand them. It is unity: everyone together speaking the language of the heart.

The Drum
A spread from The Drum

This is what dance offers. Dance is a universal language that children can use to communicate with each other. In The Drum, the first book in Ken Wilson-Max’s new Children.Music.Life series, the children come from different races, and cultures, but they are dancing together united by the beat of a drum. One of most lovely illustrations from the book shows a drum with all different animals coming forth from it. It is accompanied by Ken’s words: ‘The Drum is life’. Music and dancing is the language of being alive that we all understand.

To win a free copy of The Drum please check our Twitter account TinyOwl_Books for more information.

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