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Students from ARK Swift Primary Academy review Under the Great Plum Tree!

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ARK Swift Primary, based in Shepherd’s Bush, London, have shared these glowing reviews of Under the Great Plum Tree by their Year 1 class! We love to see children responding to our books, they are the most important people to please!

One child said her favourite part of the book was when the monkey and the crocodile become friends, while another loved the detailed, colourful patterns on Dame Hati, the elephant. The class even drew some wonderful, intricate illustrations of Sufiya Ahmed’s animal characters, take a look!

Glowing reviews of Under the Great Plum Tree

They say that this fresh, exciting Indian tale has inspired them to write their own books one day. Who knows, we may have some Tiny Owl books written and illustrated by them on the horizon…

Thank you for sharing ARK Swift! We would love to see more illustrations and reviews from schools – please do get in touch!

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