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Alive Again

Read a wonderful review of Alive Again by Book Trust:


A young boy asks his father what happens to the word ‘blossom’ when the blossom is blown from the trees. Does the word die, along with the blossom? What about rain, wheat or a journey? If these things disappear, do the words disappear too?


This unusual tale can be enjoyed on many levels. It subtly reassures children that although some things can no longer be seen, they still exist and will return. This may develop into a conversation about life, death and rebirth, and prompt thought and discussion about the philosophical nature of language and being.


The beautifully distinctive illustrations combine collage and pencil drawings in muted tones, providing a contemplative backdrop for the sparse text. This thought-provoking Iranian picture book is perfect for inquisitive children who are keen to understand the world around them.

An illustration from Alive Again
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