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We have been asking children’s writers, illustrators, lecturers and journalists:

‘Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much?’

Below you will find more answers:


An illustration by David Litchfeild
An illustration by David Litchfeild

David Litchfeild:

Read picture books and don’t mess the world up!


yes, definitely…More adults should read picture books, then maybe they will remember the magic and wonder of the world. y’know…instead of trying to mess it up. 🙂


  • David is an illustrator.



An illustration by Viviane Schwarz
Illustration of ‘Henry Finch’ by Viviane Schwarz

Viviane Schwarz:

Picture books can safely be enjoyed by any age


The main consumers in the UK are parents and children reading together, but they can safely be enjoyed by any age.





Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson

Anne Thompson:

Picture books can inspire and delight all ages


Picture books are for everyone because they can inspire and delight all ages. Illustrations can and do convey thoughts, opinions and emotions in ways that touch people and make a lasting impact. There is something about the immediacy of a picture book that ensures the story and its message is communicated to the reader in a very accessible way. Picture books are vital to the development of literacy and critical thinking for all school pupils, not just in the Early Years stage but up to and including Senior School. In fact, the very best illustrated books spark discussion and deeper thought about all manner of concepts and ideas and for adults they can be thought provoking and comforting too. We shouldn’t be in a rush to discard picture books as something we are ‘too old’ for, that would be such a mistake as they have a unique and special place in our world and most especially on every family’s bookshelves.


  • Anne is a school librarian and a book reviewer in Surrey UK.


CjTxKy2XIAEls2xBooks My Toddlers love‘ blog:

Picturebooks can say so much more than words can alone


Absolutely! We get enormous satisfaction from reading picturebooks with our daughters. We see how much picturebooks have contributed to their understanding of the world. Yet as adults we also get great enjoyment from them too. Picturebooks can say so much more than words can alone, and many of them offer astonishing art and brilliantly crafted storytelling. Many are also great fun, laugh out loud funny and highly creative.


  • This blog introduces itself as: ‘We are early-30s parents of two daughters – a three year old and a seven month old. We are all enthusiastic daily readers of picture books, living in an English town. Reviews by dad, edited by mum.’


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