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Fab book blogger Kim & the BookBairns posted this lovely review of Quill Soup on Instagram! Have a look!

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED Winner has been contacted. Thanks so much for entering! For thousands of years, people have been telling stories and across the globe you find stories which are both strikingly similar as well as being slightly different. #OneStoryManyVoices explores these wells-known stories from all over the world and @tiny_owl_publishing are championing this! You might be familiar with the story of Stone Soup: it’s a story that I love for it’s message of generosity and kindness and one I have used in my classrooms often. However, I’m going to have to change that because the African version of the story which has been beautifully put together in this new picture book is so much better! Noko the porcupine has travelled far and wide, he’s tired and very hungry and seeking support and refuge. But not one of the other creatures in the jungle village are willing to share their food. So Noko hatches a plan to help them to help him. He puts thrill quills from his porcupine back into a soup pot with some water and tells them the story of how he cooked this special quill soup for the king so that they want to taste it too. But if only he had some carrots, wait… rabbit has carrots, and mealies and beans and potatoes and spinach and then as if by magic… they have a pot of delicious soup. What a powerful message: if we all share our resources we can create something delicious, something wonderful and perhaps overcome our fears of strangers and become more understanding and make new friends too. The beauty of this story is through the vibrant and powerful illustrations. Where the animals say they have no food to spare, the illustrations show them hoarding, which little readers instantly notice and see the injustice in that. The colour palette is striking and the images are full of movement, energy and life! (Sent by the publisher for review. & they are providing a giveaway copy.) #QuillSoup

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  • Discover the folk tale behind Quill Soup: Stone Soup!
  • Quill Soup is an exhortation to open your arms to strangers – Caroline Fielding
  • Quill Soup is about welcoming strangers and sharing resources – Minerva Reads

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