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Pathways into Children’s Publishing are won over by Quill Soup!

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Quill Soup celebrates how stories travel and transform

We’re so excited that Quill Soup has been chosen as Pathways’s Book of the Week! Pathways is a two-year illustration programme for diverse, talented and ambitious artists who believe they can be the next generation of children’s illustrators. Read what they had to say below.

Quill Soup is based on the African version the European folk tale, “Stone Soup”. The story follows a porcupine named Noko who is looking for something to eat. He approaches a number of animals, asking them to share their food, only to be told that they have nothing to spare for him. So, Noko decides to use the quills on his back to cook a delicious soup. Tempted by the promise of soup, each animal adds what they have to the pot (even though they had claimed to have nothing to spare). When the soup is finally ready, the creatures all come together to enjoy the delicious meal they all made together.

Quill Soup is the third book in Tiny Owl’s “One Story, Many Voices” series which celebrates how stories travel and transform as they move through cultures.

  • Quill Soup is full of movement, energy and life! – Bookbairns
  • Hooray! Quill Soup is nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2020!
  • The importance of sharing is the key message in Quill Soup! – Little Library Owl
  • Watch our Twit Twoo! read aloud of Quill Soup!

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