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Well worth its place on a classroom shelf!

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Vibrant, colourful and the very essence of Africa

The English Association have shared this wonderful review of Quill Soup! Read what Elizabeth Broad had to say below:

This is the third of Tiny Owl’s ‘One Story, Many Voices’ series, which sets out to tell different versions of well-known stories, pairing writers and illustrators from different cultural backgrounds to great effect.  Quill Soup is the African version of the perhaps better-known Stone Soup.  In this version, Noko the porcupine has been travelling for days through the Valley of the Thousand Hills – the name itself conjuring weariness – and was both hungry and tired.  He very much hoped for hospitality when he arrived at last at a village, but was sadly disappointed by the various animals’ responses:  Rabbit had nothing as his visiting brother had eaten everything, Warthog had had a big lunch and there was nothing left, and so on.  Noko was pretty sure they were not telling the truth, and set about making quill soup, a recipe he claimed was much enjoyed by the king.  It just needed a few additional ingredients….which of course the villagers suddenly remembered they just might have.

The illustrations by Dale Blankenaar are stunning:  vibrant, colourful and the very essence of Africa.  The themes of sharing and welcoming provide rich discussion.  Additionally there is potential mileage in exploring this alongside other variations, such as Stone Soup and Nail Soup.  Well worth its place on a primary classroom shelf.

Elizabeth Broad

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