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Quill Soup has a powerful message about generosity and kindness!

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We’re over the moon with this fantastic review of Quill Soup as part of the 2020 English 4-11 Picture Books Awards! Quill Soup has been shortlisted and the winner will be announced in November! We have our fingers crossed! Read Sue McGonigle’s wonderful review below.

Review by Sue McGonigle an independent consultant and co-creator of She is also a member of the English 4-11 editorial board

Noko the porcupine arrives at a village tired and hungry after a long journey. But the villagers are far from welcoming, wary and selfish they deny having food to share. Knowing they are lying Noko decides to play a cunning trick on them. He starts making soup with a few of his quills, a meal he alleges he prepares for the king.  Intrigued and impressed, in no time at all the previously unfriendly villagers find that after all they have additional ingredients to add to the pot and improve the soup.  This is an amusing and clever retelling of the European trickster tale Stone Soup set in South Africa, the village inhabitants include meerkats and pangolins.  The illustrations are striking, full of detail and activity contributing to the storytelling by, for example, refuting the villagers claims to have no food! Quill Soup is a story with a powerful message about generosity and kindness with a setting and cast of characters which might invite enquiry into African wildlife and endangered species.

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