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Quill Soup celebrates sharing, working together and kindness

Parents in Touch have written a marvellous review of Quill Soup! Read it below!

As you read this story, you will realise it is familiar – in a good way. It’s an African version of the traditional story of Stone Soup. When Noko, the porcupine, arrives at a village, all the other animals hide and won’t offer him food and shelter. Cunning Noko comes up with a plan – he will cook a pot of soup from the quills off his back. Soup fit for a king. Funnily enough, the animals now have plenty to contribute… It’s perfect to discuss with children, to draw out the full meaning of the story. The wonderful vibrant illustrations by Dale Blankenaar leap off the page celebrating all the vibrancy of African culture – they are wonderful. The story celebrates sharing, working together and kindness in a lovely way.

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