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There are so many reasons to read Quill Soup. The award-winning team of Alan Durant and Dale Blankenaar bring this village of animals to life through intriguing storytelling and innovative illustrations. Readers are introduced to some lesser-known animals, like the porcupine and pangolin, mixed in with the familiar rabbits and meerkats! Just in case we haven’t convinced you already, here are a few more reasons Quill Soup is a great read!

  1. Quill Soup has been longlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2020. Along with this achievement, it has also been shortlisted for the English Association 4-11 Picture Book Awards 2020!
  2. Quill Soup is a part of our One Story, Many Voices series, where tales are retold from different perspectives! Quill Soup is a South African interpretation of Stone Soup, a folk tale from Europe. There are many versions of this story, which vary from country to country. Traditional stories like Stone Soup offer powerful messages that persist through time and across borders.
  3. Dale Blankenaar’s illustrations are striking and unique. He found inspiration in the art of Tanzania, the wood sculpture of western Africa and the masks of the BWA people of Burkina Faso! His experimentation with primary colours against black backgrounds allow the illustrations to pop off the page! The limited colour scheme throughout the first half of the book allows the final spreads to highlight how the animals have come together by the end of the tale.
  4. Quill Soup emphasises how important it is to help those around you, even if you don’t know them. Noko is a stranger to the villagers and therefore, they are unwilling to give him any food. However, once they all come together, they create something beautiful and delicious for everyone to enjoy.
  5. Sharing is caring! Quill Soup shows readers that we are better together rather than apart.

Quill Soup is a beautifully illustrated tale of community and generosity. Think of all the magic we can create when we work together!

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