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Join Eloise Greenfield and Ehsan Abdollahi in a fab event at Edinburgh International Book Festival 

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Ehsan Abdollahi

Don’t miss this wonderful event for Thinker: My Puppy Poet with African-American poet Eloise Greenfield, and Iranian illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi on Saturday 25 August at Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Thinker is a fun collection of children’s poems which follow Jace and his puppy Thinker. They’re best friends and do everything together- even making poetry. But, there’s one place Jace can’t go with Thinker, and that’s school: his friends might think he’s weird if they hear his rhyming pup. What happens when pet’s day comes around, and Thinker is finally allowed to go to school?

In this wonderful event Eloise will reveal what inspired her to write Thinker, while Ehsan will demonstrate how he creates the collage illustrations.

Eloise Greenfield

You’ll soon be making Thinker puppies of your own. The event is extra-special this year because Ehsan has been named illustrator in residence for Edinburgh International Book Festival, becoming the first Iranian to hold the post- a huge change from last year’s visa outrage when Ehsan was almost denied a visa to attend the event.

Eloise and Ehsan’s event will be happening on:

  • Saturday 25 August (1 pm -2 pm)
  • At Baillie Gifford Imagination Lab
  • Tickets cost £5 

They go on sale 8:30am on Tuesday 26 June. Buy them here.

  • Read about Ehsan Abdollahi being named artist in residence at Edinburgh International Book Festival
  • Check out this fun video and learn how to make a collage puppy just like Ehsan’s Thinker
  • Read Eloise Greenfield’s explaination of how Thinker began

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