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Wonderful reviews of When I Coloured in The World and Alive Again by Gathering Books

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Wonderful reviews for When I Coloured in The World and Alive Again
We are delighted to see that the wonderful picture books, When I Coloured in The World and Alive Again by Ahmadreza Ahmadi were praised by Gathering Books as part of their  May-June 2017: Myriad Of Middle Eastern Literature, describing the tales as lovely stories that matter to them!

When I Coloured in The World

This is a story that empowers the young reader to “colour” in the world using a box of crayons – transforming that which is dark into something light, despair to hope, illness to health, sadness to joy.While it may be deemed as simplistic by adults who know that life does not really operate in this manner, I thought there was a quiet assurance to this story that depicts various hues representing peace, harmony, love. While it is clear that sadness does not go away by colouring it in with purple laughter or hunger solved by giving the world green… I was still comforted by the message about a young person imagining how things could go better with a steadfast heart, a box of crayons, and multi-coloured shades of hope.

Alive Again

This deceptively-simple picture book begins with a simple-enough question:

Last night the wind blew the blossom from the trees.

“When blossom goes, does the word ‘blossom’ die?” asked a boy. “Can there ever be blossom again?”

Each page poses a question that is reminiscent of what my Philosophy professor asked our class when I was a college freshman: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The questions gradually move on towards the father’s observations in response to the young boy’s ruminations, as the world wakes up to spring and rain and plants growing. Told in very sparse text, it shows how the universe comes “alive again.”

About the Author: Ahmadreza Ahmadi is an Iranian poet and children’s story writer. In 2010 he was shortlisted for the ‘Hans Christian Andersen’ Award. Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s writing style lies somewhere between poetry and fictional narrative. its profound simplicity speaks to both adults and children.

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