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A Bird Like Himself

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£11.99 £5.99 (hardback)


£7.99 £3.99 (paperback)


A Bird Like Himself is an endearing animal story about an unusual family.

One day a large egg is left in a forest. A baby chick makes its way into the world. But its mother isn’t there… Instead a wonderfully unlikely assortment of foster parents take over the job looking after the new baby. They give their new infant plenty of love but with winter fast approaching, it’s time for birds like Baby to be flying south. Try as they might, none of the animals can teach Baby to fly. Will Baby finally be able to spread his wings and take flight? Perhaps, with the help of a special friend…This is a heart-warming story about the value of feeling loved and celebrating your individuality.

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Meet the author and illustrator


Author and illustrator Anahita Teymorian also works with animation in her native Iran. Her books are known all over the world, and her work has been featured in major international exhibitions. She has won awards at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the Noma Concours. Other books for Tiny Owl include The Clever Mouse (2015) and There’s Room for Everyone (2018).

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One of those picture books that offers something special to young children and adults alike.

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A deceptively simple, gorgeously illustrated, multi-layered picture book that’s fun to read.

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A funny, understated story about the importance of parental love and of growing up.

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