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As today is #NationalPoetryDay we’ve decided to take a look at the poetic side of Tiny Owl Publishing. 

A number of our titles are based on the fables of Rumi; a poet of the world.
By Ahmadreza Ahmadi
based on a fable by Rumi

As well as Rumi’s The Parrot & The Merchant, we also find When I Coloured The World, Alive Again and the soon to be released, The Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock are very poetic, beautiful to read texts. The Jackal Who Thought HE Was a Peacock is based on a fable by the great Rumi. The jackal looks at his grey and brown fur and thinks how boring he looks. He wonders how he can change it to be beautiful and dazzling like the peacoc9781910328132ks. He’s always collecting colourful things to stick on 9781910328057his fur but nothing seems to work.
Then he hatches a clever plan that will once and for all turn him into the brightest, most brilliant jackal, just like the peacocks. His jackal friends look on and shake their heads.

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Ferdowsi statue

Next year we will publish many new titles, including Bijan & Manijeh which is based on a very famous fable from 1000’s of years ago by a great Iranian poet called Ferdowsi. We will also release a children’s poetry book by Ali Seidabadi, called A Rainbow In My Pocket.

Ahmadreza Ahmadi

All of our authors write beautiful, poetic content but one that stands out is Alive Again‘s author; ;Ahmadreza Ahmadi, a prominent contemporary poet. A writer of deep, philosophical unique texts, Ahmadi was nominated for Han Christian Andersen award in 2010.

We are proud to have poetry run through the narrative of our titles and look forward to producing more.

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