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The New Baby and Me
The New Baby and Me

Getting ready for a new baby isn’t easy, especially if you need to explain and prepare a child for becoming an older sibling! In The New Baby and Mea family prepares for the arrival of a new sibling. They imagine all the fun things they will be able to do once the baby has arrived! We asked people to share their own experiences with us, finding out how they prepared their families for the a new addition. We have found that picture books have been invaluable in these experiences, and The New Baby and Me is perfect for helping children understand the situation.

A mother shares how her children bonded before birth!

Chat, a mother from Reading, shared her story of how they prepared their young son for the arrival of his baby sister:

When we were expecting our daughter, picture books were something that were incredibly useful for getting our son used to the idea that there would soon be a new member of the family. With these, we were able to explain all the fun things he would be able to do with his new sibling, which made him really excited for her to arrive! Establishing a bond with his sister even when she was still in my belly was really important as well. We encouraged him to talk and sing to my bump, so that he could feel like he was communicating with her. That way, when she was born, he already felt like they were the best of friends!

Each brother in The New Baby and Me wants the new arrival to be just like him!

Siblings can help little ones get ready for a new arrival!

It’s not only parents who get involved in preparing children for new arrivals! Sometimes it’s older siblings as well. Rosie, a university student from London, has been preparing her little brother for the new addition to their family.

We’re currently getting my youngest brother for the arrival of a new baby sister! Picture books have been really important for explaining that there’s a tiny person in his mummy’s tummy, and that soon he will be a big brother! He plays along with mummy, pointing at his own stomach and saying baby, as though he is going to have one as well! We got him his own baby doll, that he feeds with ‘eggy’ and ‘milky’, so he doesn’t feel left out. He’s getting so excited to see and care for his new sister!

The New Baby and Me tells the tale of five brothers who eagerly imagine what their new brother will be like. Will he be a scientist, a dreamer, or an explorer? They all think he will be just like them, but they are in for a big surprise! The New Baby and Me will be published in paperback on September 6th! If you would like the best resource for preparing your children for a new arrival to the family, pre-order here.

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