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Nicola Davies in the middle. Photo taken in a school in Mexico.
Nicola Davies in the middle. Photo is taken in a school in Mexico.

We have been asking children’s writers, illustrators, lecturers and journalists:

‘Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much?’

Below you will find more answers:



Nicola Davies:

We need to crack the prejudice amongst adults!

Picture books are a powerful and distinctive art form that can communicate emotion, life advice and information in a way anyone can relate to – they are for people not just one age group. Reading the images in picture books accesses different bits of our brains – bits that we need to keep supple even as adults. We need to crack the prejudice amongst adults that prevents them from enjoying and learning from picture books.


*Nicola is a children’s author.


Mathew Tobin
Mathew Tobin

Mathew Tobin:

Of course adults can appreciate picture books as much!


Of course adults can appreciate them as much. With some picturebook authors, like Anthony Browne, Steve Antony and Shaun Tan, I’d argue that they could enjoy them more…

*Mathew is a senior lecturer in English and children’s literature at Oxford Brookes.


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