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We have been asking children’s writers, illustrators and journalists that: Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much? Below you will find more answers.


Vivian French
Vivian French

Vivian French:

Picture books are for EVERYONE! It’s sad when adults dismiss them as just for kids … they’re missing out on so much.

*Vivian is author of vast rang of children’s books.


Celestine and the Hare:

Celestine & the Hare
Celestine & the Hare

I  think books are just for people. It doesn’t matter how old you are. As a child I read ‘adult’ books in the library and as an adult I read ‘children’s’ books. My picture books are written for people and enjoyed by many adults as well as children despite being labelled as children’s books. We look at pictures and appreciate them as adults all the time, no reason we can’t appreciate them in books too. So, yes adults can appreciate them just as much (sometimes even more!)

*Celestine is a writer.


Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Frank Cottrell-Boyce:

Of course picture books can be for any age. The older I get the more I read into The Tiger Who Came to Tea, or Where the Wild Things Are or I Want my Hat Back.

* Frank is is a screenwriter and novelist.




Emmi's self illusration!
Emmi’s self illustration!

Emmi Smid:

I think picture books contain wisdom for all ages, and their stories and artwork continue to inspire us all! They play an important part in our cultural heritage.

*Emmi is an illustrator.


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