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For now, this lockdown has closed children off from most of their favourite places – the park, the library, friends’ houses. However, that does not mean they are stuck inside their houses! Children’s imaginations can take them to any place they can think of. Nazli Tahvili’s Chalk Eagle perfectly illustrates this. This wordless picture book allows children to create their own story and let their imagination do the talking! Chalk Eagle’s beautiful and technical illustrations tell the story of freedom through imagination making it the perfect book for children during lockdown! Now, more than ever, children’s imaginations can free them from their own four walls. They can soar through the sky and see sprawling seas, explore their own neighbourhoods and their favourite spots! Their imagination can connect us to the outside world in this time of indoor living.

Written by Amber Garvey, Tiny Owl intern

  • Chalk Eagle was selected among top 10 wordless picture books!
  • Chalk Eagle Chosen for refugee library by IBBY UK
  • Chalk Eagle chosen for the IBBY Italia Silent Books Honours List
  • Read a review by Children’s Books Ireland: Chalk Eagle opens up an open, imaginative world

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