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Get them on your Christmas list: our new autumn titles make the perfect gifts!

Little Eli is our new series of wordless books, stunningly illustrated by debut Italian artist Laura Bellini. Our campaign has shown the huge number of reasons that wordless books are important, but the one that comes up most regularly is that there are no barriers – of age, language or vocabulary – and so they really can be enjoyed by everyone. You can pre-order your copy of our tenacious little dragonfly’s adventures here.

The Lion Tattoo may sound like an odd name for a fable by a 13th-century philosopher, but yes, Rumi really did write about tattoos. Our new title for age 16+ explores the idea of tattoos as artistic expression, and comes with a witty message about being brave! You can pre-order Atefeh Maleki Joo’s hilariously illustrated retelling of Rumi’s fable here.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves artistic picture books, these make the perfect choice!


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