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The Parrot and the Merchant is beautiful!

Instagram book-lovers Nura’s Little Library wrote a fab review of The Parrot and the Merchant. Read it below!

If I’m being brutally honest I’m actually not familiar at all about Rumi’s work. I know he was an important poet and scholar but I just never came around to reading his stuff. My cousin sent this for Nura so we both get to experience his writing together. The story is of a Mah Jahan the merchant and her love for birds, especially the parrot she had brought back from India. As she was leaving for India to do her trading she asked her parrot what she can bring back for him. He said to tell his parrot friends hello and of they have any advice for him.

As Mah Javan’s trip in India was coming to an end she remembered what her parrot had asked of her. So she went to the jungle to find and convey her parrot’s message. The parrots didn’t say anything and one of them went still then fell from the tree.
When Mah Jahan returned home she told her parrot what had happened. It also went still and fell. Mah Jahan quickly took the parrot out of the cage and was saddened. The parrots suddenly flew away and thanked Mah Jahan for conveying the message from the other parrots on how to be free! The parrot than flew away towards India.

Surprisingly Mah Jahan was happy for the parrot; she loved him and he now had his freedom. The story is beautiful and the illustrations are definitely interesting. I’m glad we’re able to add a piece of Rumi into our bookshelf.

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