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Join this Parisian alley cat on her own incredible adventure!

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Paris Cat shares joyful moments with those she cares about most!

Check out this wonderful review of Paris Cat from fab Samantha Thomas! Read her review below.

This is the story of a Parisian alley cat that decides to leave behind her family and friends and sets off on her own incredible adventure, living the high life and having entirely new experiences. Making clothes, enjoying music and the city atmosphere mean that the alley cat enjoys herself immensely, and she even makes friends and finds fame along the way. After a while though the novelty wears off and alley cat finds herself missing home, her family and friends. Only when she realises it is possible to take the part she enjoyed most of her time away from her family back to them, and allow them to enjoy it with her, does she set about making the necessary changes to get her home again. Given that she returns and brings with her the parts of her adventure that she enjoyed most, sharing the moments with those she care about most, it is safe to say the story ends with a cat relevant happy ever after. Teaching children how much family and friends mean, and that they will always be there when you need them, even after you experience your own adventures.

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