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Paris Cat is a tale of transformation!

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Let the city come to you…

We’re over the moon with this delightful review of Paris Cat from Herts for Learning! Have a read of their fantastic review below.

Fancy a city break but circumstances not on your side? Worry not, let the city come to you.

Meet Paris Cat.

She’s quite the cat about town as you can see in this ever so appropriately jazzy trailer.

Paris Cat is a brand new book from the very fine Tiny Owl publishing and we are delighted to be able to recommend it on two fronts.  One:it’s a fun, vivacious book, with plenty to enjoy.  Two: together with Piet Grobler, Dianne Hofmeyr has once again created something very special.  You will know how much we admire Dianne’s work.  Zeraffa Giraffa has served as the basis of a substantial chunk of shared writing traing, and we celebrated Dianne’s work in this blog looking at some whole school work inspired by that same book. In fact, we were honestly overjoyed when we received an email from Dianne, all the way from South Africa, telling us how the work shared in this blog had reignited her passion for writing for children.  We’re delighted that Dianne continues to serve up gems like Paris Cat.

It’s a tale of transformation…

…a tale of highs…

…and lows…

…and as such, calls to mind those big Hollywood biopics that chart the rise and fall of the good, the great and sometimes the not-so-great.  In this respect it rather reminds of David Litchfield’s classic, award winning The Bear and the Piano which way, way back in the pre-blog days of our newsletter, we compared to a Martin Scorsese epic. Here, though, the book is grounded in reality. As you might recognise from the fourth picture in the sequence shared above, Paris Cat rises to fame by offering her complementary talents to the trailblazing career of Josephine Baker.   If you are thinking of buying this book for your library, class, your own children, or – let’s face it – yourself, then you may also want to purchase one of the very good picture book biographies of Josephine Baker. We especially like this biography by Patricia Hruby Powell that draws upon the immense talents of Christian Robinson, one of the creators of Last Stop on Market Street.

Paris Cat offers up many of the things that you might wish for in a city break – stunning sights, entertainment, “good food” (do check out the witty endpaper maps of Paris), a dash of history.  All this and cheetahs too.

Paris Cat is released in shops today so it truly is as fresh as can be.

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