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Paris Cat’s adventures lead to a rather unique idea…

Paris Cat is filled with sketchy, quirky illustrations!

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We’re delighted with this fantastic review of Paris Cat from Mamma Filz! Have a read below.

Immerse in 1920s nightlife as you are introduced to a rather ambitious and sassy Parisian cat. Written by Dianne Hofmeyr, illustrated by Piet Crobler and published by Tiny Owl.

One wet night Cat, by chance, sees Edith Piaf perform in a cafe. Cat then decides that’s exactly what she wants to do, but it doesn’t prove successful.

Then after accidentally stumbling into a dress makers, Cat believes she can do that too. With determination she creates her own glitzy outfit and it follows with a chance encounter with Josephine Baker. She believes she can dance too and this time she does indeed impress.

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Alongside Josephine Baker, Cat too becomes rather famous but it’s her feeling of being home sick that leads to a rather unique idea.
This imaginative story clearly weaves in women who were successful in their time. The sketchy, quirky illustrations brilliantly depict 1920s life and introduce readers to two woman of the past. More information about each woman can be found after the story of this rather talented cat is shared.

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