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History comes to life in Paris Cat!

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The language is absolutely delectable!

We’re over the moon with this glowing review of Paris Cat from Scope for Imagination! Read the review below.

1920’s Paris and a bold, adventurous cat who believes in herself from the tip of her tail to the ends of her whiskers makes for a wonderful combination!

Cat starts life as a Paris alley cat – nothing special, nothing important but she has a dream. She wants to make something of herself and find a place where she truly belongs.  As she prowls the streets of Paris, she finds what she’s looking for. Along the way, she meets the legendary singer Edith Piaf and dancer/activist Josephine Baker. She even learns to create haute couture garments from the beautiful snippets in an atelier. Cat has everything she ever dreamed of but something is missing. Can she find a way to bring her family and friends into her new life?

Paris Cat is a book with so much potential for learning and discovery! The fascinating map at the beginning of the story provides insight into important landmarks in Paris and allows readers to make comparisons between their own town and Paris in the 1920’s. History comes to life with the inclusion of two important Second World War figures: Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker. These women used their talents to support Allied forces and the Civil Rights movement. They are great role models.

The language of the story is absolutely delectable! Play on the word “cat” results in words like caterwauling, alley cats, catwalk style and catacombs while the use of onomatopoeia makes reading aloud so inviting.

Cat is a character with so much personality. Her spunk and attitude flows off the page and readers can’t help but love her and be impressed by her confidence. This story of self-belief, perseverance and being true to yourself is sure to inspire readers to create their own independent, adventurous cat tales.

We love stories about cats and Paris Cat is a wonderful addition to our collection! Thank you to Tiny Owl for this unique, charming book!

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