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What we can all learn from Paris Cat!

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You can achieve anything!

We may have only had Cat in our lives for a few weeks but she has danced her way into our hearts already! Dianne Hofmeyr’s Paris Cat has so much for the reader to explore! From Parisian landmarks to feline fashion to amazing performers. We have just a few reasons why Paris Cat should be your next read!

  1. Readers can explore the Paris music and dance scene and meet Édith Piaf and Josephine Baker, two of the most famous performers in 20th Century France! Even Chiquita, Josephine Baker’s cheetah, makes an appearance! With tribute biographies following the story, readers can learn all there is to know about these two icons.
  2. Humour is so important and Paris Cat has it in spades! It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, there’s something for everyone!
  3. Cat tries out different things before she finds something she’s good at! This shows us the importance of persevering – just because we can’t sing doesn’t mean we can’t dance!
  4. Piet Grobler’s unique illustrations bring Paris and Cat to life! They allow us to experience more from the story than just the text. The informative end papers allow us to map out Cat’s journey and identify Parisian landmarks!
  5. Paris Cat teaches us so much, including some new words! Expand your vocabulary with words like ‘caterwauling’. Can you spot all the French words we have adopted into the English language?
  6. Dianne Hofmeyr brings a lyrical quality to the story. The use of onomatopoeia has readers feeling like they can hear Cat creating her new dress in the atelier!
  7. Paris Cat has a strong sense of family! Cat leaves her big, close-knit family to see more of the world. However, she begins to miss them quickly and finds a way to include them in her new life!

Paris Cat is a unique tale of finding your passion and sharing what you love with those you love! With humour, self-confidence and a little scrap of fabric, we can achieve anything!

Written by Tiny Owl intern, Amber Garvey

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