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Ehsan Abdollahi‘s self portrait

Pictures don’t just speak a thousand words. They send the imagination running off in a thousand directions, exploring a thousand uncharted paths. Illustrations are key to all of Tiny Owl’s books; there’s something exciting or unusual about all of them, in their style, their materials or what they tell us about another culture. It feels as though you could reach out and touch the wax or tissue paper or fabric used to make them. And lots of them can even be recreated at home by children who love to get messy!

Ehsan Abdollahi, the illustrator of A Bottle of Happiness and When I Coloured In the World, has created a short video showing how you can create your very own Tiny Owl, using a paintbrush, some paint and the sides of your hands!

Why not show us your masterpieces in an email or on Twitter? Who knows, there might just be a prize involved… @tinyowl_books

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