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Gloria’s Porridge is packed with energy and action!


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Hooray! Gloria’s Porridge has been featured in an article on reflecting realities in children’s books!


‘Reflecting Realities’ is the name of a powerful piece of research conducted by the CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) which focused on extent and quality of ethnic representation and diversity within children’s literature. Read more below!


‘Inspired by an Ethiopian folk tale, Gloria’s Porridge shows young children how one act can cause a chain reaction and affect other people’s lives.

When Cat wanted some of Gloria’s porridge, he ignored her saying no and ate it all. Gloria then scares Cat who tickles the donkey, who interrupts the bees who then frighten the hen. It is up to the fox then to show the others the importance of not letting this setback slow them down.’

This story is packed with energy and action, so would be perfect to bring to life with props and movement for young children. The illustrations really pop and were inspired by illustrator Toby Newsome’s South African surroundings. It is a very gentle introduction to how every action has a consequence and how we can always find solutions to our problems.


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