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When I Coloured in the World and The Clever Mouse in paperback

Do you value kindness in others above all else? Can you make the world a better place to live in? These are the inherent questions in two of our popular titles The Clever Mouse and When I Coloured in the World which will be released in paperback on 31 January 2017.


An illustration from The Clever Mouse

The Clever Mouse is a traditional folk story which is lovingly retold by author and illustrator Anahita Teymorian. It tells the story of Mr Koochi – a mouse who thinks himself very clever indeed. He wants a house, so he builds it. He wants food, so he grows it. But Mr Koochi really wants something more. He wants happiness. So he sets off to find a life partner. But when he is introduced to the Mouse Princess, she is not at all what he expected and, despite his promises, Mouse runs away. Soon Mouse realises that he is not so clever after all… and returns to the Princess. Mouse learns that kindness should be valued above all else – a lesson for us all. Children will delight in the illustrations which are full of humour and which evoke a rich and earthy mouse kingdom.


Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s When I Coloured in the World is a wonderful re-imagining of colour and the power it has. A child uses crayons to change the world, making it kinder and more hopeful place. Boredom gives way to play, darkness to light, drought to rain, crying to laughter, war to peace, and much more. This is a beautifully poetic book about hope and the possibility of change.

A nice craft event in Belsize Library in spring 2016


Now in paperback, these books are perfect for both in the home and in schools. When I Coloured the World provides an excellent springboard to teaching about art and colour and The Clever Mouse is great for PSHE learning. Read our ideas for the classroom here.


Educational Consultant Laura Davies says: “As well as a wonderful addition to a home collection, the books make a fantastic resource for schools and act as an excellent stimulus for many lessons on personal, social and emotional development and philosophical enquiry. Questions about morality, and what it means to be a global citizen can be deftly and subtly drawn out by these books…” 


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