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A perfect picture book gift for Christmas

Great news for older readers: our next picture book will be The Lion Tattoo! This hilarious picture book for ages 16+ is the third in our series of fables by Rumi, and will be published in November.

One day a young man decides that he wants a lion tattoo. But as the tattooist begins her work, the young man feels the pain of the needle and decides that his lion doesn’t need a tail…or a stomach…or a mane!

Based on a tale by Rumi, and with Atefeh Maleki Joo’s brightly-daubed illustrations reminiscent of a children’s cartoon, this humorous yet philosophical picture book for adult readers is guaranteed to make you think as well as laugh.

With its luxurious cloth cover and small format, it also makes a perfect gift book, ideal for Christmas.


Pre-order The Lion Tattoo here.


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