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A Bottle of Happiness by Pippa Goodhart & Ehsan Abdollahi
A Bottle of Happiness by Pippa Goodhart & Ehsan Abdollahi

We have a Bottle of Happiness on the way! A bottle of magical happiness, and in it there is laughter, music and love. Written by Pippa Goodhart and illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi, A Bottle of Happiness is a new fable that goes full circle as it explores the value of possessions against values of friendship and fun.

Pim and dog Tiddle went over a mountain, and found a rich place. Pim asked a man,
“Please may I eat one of those beautiful fruits?”
“What will you give me in return for the fruit?” said the man.
“I haven’t got anything,” said Pim.
“There must be something that your people have that we don’t,” said a woman.
Pim looked around. “I think we have more happiness than you have,” said Pim.
“Bring us some of that, then,” said the man.
But how can you bottle and transport happiness?

A Bottle of Happiness has now started its journey. We are looking everywhere for it, collecting happiness and love in a bottle, and bringing it to you by October 2016.
Come join us in this journey to see the world with eyes that hear music, ears that feel the tang of love, and a nose that tickles with laughter! Share the happiness! The book comes out this October, a timeless tale with a fairytale feel, exquisitely illustrated in an eye-opening and unique style, come see!



extent: 28 pages

price: £12.99


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