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Written by: K. Arghandehpour, a member of Tiny Owl Publishing’s editorial board


Whenever I read or hear something from Donald Trump, I feel sick. I cannot imagine this man becoming the most powerful person in the world. A minute ago, I was listening to the CNN broadcasting his explanation of retweeting an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz’s wife. Just before that, I was reading about his withdrawal of a call for punishing women who have abortions only hours after suggesting it. These are just a couple of his latest antics. He wishes to stop all Muslims from entering the United States and build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border! He doesn’t care about global warming and is ready to take action against other parts of the world if he sees it necessary.


When George W. Bush was in power and was responsible for triggering a war to interfere in the Middle East and using the scandalous Guantanamo Bay Prison as a way to escape U.S. legal jurisdiction, I naively thought that there couldn’t be many politicians crazier than him, and so, I reasoned, he would probably be followed with wiser presidents. In comparison, Obama is a wise president, but what will happen after him? I have to admit that Donald Trump is much worse than Bush. And I am much more pessimistic about their successors in the future. Trump is a real threat for essential human values, such as human rights, global peace, freedom, and a threat for even democracy. The question is why have the political developments in GOP factions proceeded this way? Why does the society become more polarised year by year? What would be its alarming consequences?


I think Donald Trump is a result of ignorance, infinite wealth, egocentricity and overconfidence. When these parameters combine together, not only does a person justify their selfishness, but they simply want others to act as they wish. That’s why if such an individual gains real power, they will become dangerous and a threat to humanity.


I don’t want my children to be influenced by actions of someone like Donald Trump in the future. I never wish this for anybody. Don’t think that learning from someone like him is very farfetched. If Trump remains an ordinary citizen, his thoughts would not be as much as a threat, but if he enters the White House for a relatively long term such as eight years, he will inevitably affect some aspects of our history and lives. There will be more wars and less peace, more poverty, more insecurity, more deaths, more horrible news, more violence, more anxiety, and so on. But all our children deserve a decent life, filled with happiness, friendship, cultural and religious respect, cleaner climate, healthier diets, global peace, endorsement of diversity, less poverty, less hunger, less illiteracy, less contamination, less discrimination, so on and so forth. Unfortunately someone like Donald Trump and all politicians of the like are real threats to each and every one of these desirable states. Our next generations deserve a valuable legacy. We need to preserve our world for better societies by struggling hard with ignorance and deceit.  Politics has never been so uncertain and unstable.


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