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A Persian event took place last weekend, 12 &13 March, at Asia House, Central London. The event was held in celebration of the Persian New Year called Norouz. The Persian New Year starts on 20 March, the first day of spring. It is an ancient tradition that is celebrated in all countries with Persian culture: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and parts of other countries with the same culture. The event displayed some beautiful elements of Norouz, most notably Haft Sin, a collection of seven items whose names start with the letter ‘sin’ in the Persian alphabet: sib (apple), sonbol (hyacinth), sir (garlic), serkeh (vineger), senjed (Elaeagnus fruit), somagh (sumac), sekkeh (coin), each of which represents an element of life.
In addition to the ceremonial side of the event, there were lots of Persian goods being sold to raise funds for a charity. Iranian food, nuts, sweets, and handicrafts were among the offered items. We also took part in this charity bazaar with our books. In one of these books,Alive Again, the writer refers to spring: ‘When spring came again, the boy’s father said, “Look! New blossom has been born. The word ‘blossom’ is alive again.”
An illustration from Alive Again
An illustration from Alive Again
Special thanks to all the kindhearted ladies and gentlemen who made it happen.
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