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By emailing us, you can order now and pay later!

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NOTE: due to a technical problem on our website, please email your orders to with subject line “STAY AT HOME” and we’ll send your books ASAP. 

During these difficult times we realise that some of our customers might be struggling to pay for purchases right away. To make things a little easier, you can now email us your orders before paying. This offer is UK only.

Make your purchase today, and we’ll send you an email with the option to pay now or pay by 30th June 2020. But you can start enjoying the books you’ve ordered right away!

We have a range of payment options, from PayPal, to transferring to our bank account, or sending cheques. We want to give you peace of mind in these challenges times.

So what are you waiting for?! Get ordering by emailing us: with subject ‘STAY AT HOME’

Happy reading!

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