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You’ve got to hope sometimes!

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In Bloom lessons are learned.

We’re over the moon with this delightful review of Bloom from Martin at Quiet Fireworks! Have a read below!

Today I received a book in the post from Tiny Owl Publishing. The book is called Bloom and it is written by Anne Booth and illustrated by Robyn Wilson-Owen. It’s a charming book, and I hope they don’t mind me saying but simply so. I’ve said it before: simple is often best. Not always. Nothing is that simple. Bloom tells the tale of a man who does not appreciate what he has around him and pays something of a price. Worry not…don’t give up hope…help is at hand in the form of a young girl, simply going about the business of walking to school but taking just a small, precious moment to show some appreciation. Lessons are learned. A flower blooms. It all ends hopefully.

This book called to mind others that I have either worked with in school, or hope to in the future. There’s that word again. You’ve got to hope sometimes. Each of these books involve plants in some way or another, and it has struck me today quite how well placed they might be to share in the process of transitioning back to something approaching classroom normality. Not that anything ever is entirely normal in the classroom.

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