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Last is full of eye-catching meaningful visuals!

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Nicola Davies with her illustration debut Last

We’re delighted to share this wonderful interview with Nicola Davies – author and illustrator of Last – over on Let’s Talk Picture Books! Have a read below.

For my last interview of 2020, I am pleased to present my conversation with seasoned author and debut illustrator Nicola Davies about Last: The Story of a White Rhino. Already an accomplished zoologist and writer, Nicola easily (or so it seems!) slides into the role of illustrator with eye-catching and meaningful visuals that push her text forward and tell their own story. Enjoy our chat!
About the book:
A rhino is put in a zoo in the middle of a grey city, where all he can do is pace back and forth. He misses his home, his mother, the smell of earth and rain. He fears he may be the last of his kind. Then one day, he is rescued and released back into the wild, to live free with the other rhinos.
Let’s talk Nicola Davies!
LTPB: Can you talk about your research process for Last: The Story of a White Rhino? How did you first hear about Sudan? Why did you choose to tell his story?
ND: As a zoologist by training and lifelong advocate for the natural world, I was aware of the terrible problems facing rhinos worldwide, but especially White Rhinos in Africa. But my focus in recent years has been more on writing about whole ecosystems, biological concepts and relationships between humans and nature, rather than individual species. So I hadn’t considered witting a non fiction book about rhinos.
And then I saw a documentary about Sudan quite by chance late one night. After it was over I sat in my kitchen in the dark, thinking about Sudan, his long unlucky life and the beautiful relationship between him and the wildlife rangers who had safeguarded his last months. I got a pencil and a notebook and wrote Last. Sometimes that’s how books come, in one go in the time it takes to write down the words.
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