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Dreaming of a wonderful new year – illustration from Chalk Eagle

Around this time of year, people start to consider making a new year’s resolution. The start of a brand new year is a great opportunity to make a change in your life. While it’s true that a lot of the time we don’t manage to keep to our resolutions, we can still make a little effort to do something positive. You never know what the results will be!

We think it’s a great idea to encourage children to make their own new year’s resolutions, however small. Having a realistic goal for the new year can give them an amazing sense of achievement. It might be to pick up a fun new hobby, or to spend more time with friends or family. You could work together to be more eco-friendly by making a resolution to recycle more or always remember to turn off the lights. It’s a fun challenge that can lead to positive changes! If you’re struggling to think of one, making more time to enjoy a book is always a good idea!

We asked everyone in the Tiny Owl office to share their resolutions.

Phyllida: “My resolutions are to start walking to work, and to devote more time to being creative. I also want to spend less time online and read more!”

Delaram: “1. Eat less chocolates! 2. Read more books 3. Smile everyday :)”

Karim: “To have more care for nature. I’d like to be a more environmentally friendly citizen! I want to eat healthier and do more exercise!

Sophie: “My new year’s resolution is possibly less cake….just possibly. We have a good tradition in the nest of sharing goodies, introducing new delights and munching on sweets. I’ve been introduced to various Iranian delicacies such as lavashak (my favourite), pofak (like wotsits), and we have a healthy supply of baklava most weeks. All of which is playing havoc on my waistline. So maybe, just maybe, it’ll be cucumber and celery for me next year.”

We would love to hear your or your children’s resolutions! Send them to us on Twitter!

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