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Laura Hagerty


Greenwich Book Festival Findings!


By Laura Hagerty*


What’s in a book? Worlds of wonder, fantasy and discovery are found between the covers of books. Discovery leads to new experiences that develop an understanding of new thoughts and ideas that may previously have been foreign.


Pippa Goodhart telling story of A Bottle of Happiness

During the last weekend in May, the Greenwich Book Festival held its third annual writers and readers event on the beautiful, historic grounds of the Old Royal Naval College. Whilst the location was stunning, the festival itself was more so. Full of workshops, lectures and interactive children’s presentations, the festival was great fun for all.


Pippa Goodheart gave a presentation for her book, A Bottle of Happiness that was quite fun. She created joy in the room and the experience brought happiness to both children and adults.


Alia Alzoughbi performing the Jackal Who Thought He Was A Peacock

I personally enjoyed the wonderful storytelling of Alia Alzougbi. She was fun and exciting. The children were truly engaged with her encounter of the stories she presented—The Parrot and the Merchant and The Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock(both by Rumi) This type of interactive storytelling gives children the opportunity to develop a greater consideration for a culture that is different from their own. In turn, they also develop respect as their understanding grows. And as respect is instilled in their hearts and minds, they begin to appreciate those things in other cultures that may at first have been intimidating.


The festival is over, but you can still discover the understanding the children found. Check out Tiny Owl’s books and begin to enjoy a new appreciation for multiculturalism.

*Laura is an intern at Tiny Owl.

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