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Fab dad and book blogger Father Reading Every Day has written a lovely review of Dare! He said his four year old son loved it. Read the review below!

Tonight, T finally picked out a library book that has been waiting for what seems like forever on his bookshelf – Dare by Lorna Gutierrez and Polly Noakes.

This is a picture book without a story. Instead, what you get it an inspirational message of empowerment and encouragement. This comes in the form of a set of commands, daring the reader to dream big, inspire others, speak up and be yourself! There is a diverse, inclusive cast with the inclusion of a hearing aid on one of the characters a nice touch and something rarely seen.

Children of all ages will take something from this and it would make for a great starting point to a PSHE lesson or discussion about dreams and ambitions. T liked seeing things in there that he did and was particularly taken by a boy in a tutu, clearly seeing himself here. He told me, “I liked this good book and the boy just like me in it.” There is more than a passing similarity to be fair…

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