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The New Baby and Me
The New Baby and Me

Nicky*, a donor mum, offers insight into her parenting journey

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We’ve been inviting parents to share their experience introducing a new baby into the family. Nicky, a midwife and mother to two, sent in her own slightly unusual but completely wonderful story over Facebook. Read it below:

My family is a little unusual. I am a single parent, and my second child was conceived using a donor. So, I suppose you could say I’m a single parent my choice. I have two sons: one is 10 and the other is 3 years old.

My first child was involved from the beginning. I discussed how he felt about having a sibling and when I was looking at donors, I talked to him about the ones I was interested in. He was excited when I told him I was pregnant, and wanted me to find out the sex at the anatomy scan. Although I would have preferred a surprise, I found out the sex for him.

I managed the situation by keeping my eldest son involved. Because there is such a gap between my children, he was old enough to understand and discuss the situation and his thoughts and feelings. He was involved in thinking of names.

The New Baby and Me
Five siblings eagerly await a new baby

When the baby was born I got my son a t-shirt with his name and no. 1 big brother on it. Also, I trusted him to help with the baby and I made sure we had time together without the baby, for instance trips to the cinema.

We’re inviting anyone who has a story about introducing a sibling into the family, to share it. If you would like to get involved please email or DM us at TinyOwl_Books 

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity 

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