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An illustration from The Drum

When the world is divided, and it is hard to feel empathy for others, what can bring it together? Some people might say MUSIC! To celebrate our Children Music Life series, we’re looking at why music is so fantastic and how it can unite us.

Music breaks down barriers to other cultures, especially for children. Music can be the perfect way to encourage intercultural understanding; listening to music from around the world gives us a window into different cultures. At the same time, we are not limited by language barriers as music speaks a universal language of its own. When we listen to a song we don’t need to understand the words; the melody and the beat are enough. Everyone across the world, children and adults, understands the emotional stories that music tells.

Music can become a fun way to build bridges. In The Drum adults and children can dance together and make music. It encourages us to make happy memories with each other.

Never forget that the best songs are made when different musical instruments come together to make a harmony. The drum, and the flute. Singing and dancing. Perhaps we should try to follow this in our own life.

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