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Is philosophy too complicated for children?

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Is philosophy too complicated for children? The short answer is of course not! Children are naturally curious! They are always willing and wanting to learn. Parents, teachers, and older siblings are used to the string of ‘why?’ questions that children come up with when introduced to a new concept/experience. Instead of the easy response of ‘I’ll tell you when you’re older’ – with the hope that they will forget and move on – answering their questions with simple facts can really benefit their future learning.

Learning philosophy helps children to

  • broaden their horizons
  • learn about other people and their situations and empathise with them
  • think critically, creatively, and independently!

There is no need to go into a lot of detail with your answers (especially as the child could get distracted half way through!). Short and simple answers, with enough basic information to form an understanding, can inspire further questions about the subjects they are interested in.

Nothing illustrates this curiosity better than a book like Grobblechops! Part of the Tales by Rumi series, modern fables which are intent on teaching children lessons through inspiring stories and fun, colourful illustrations, Grobblechops shows children that their questions and queries are valid and no question is too small. Amir’s dad is patient and willing to answer any question that will alleviate his son’s fears.

Fair Shares tackles the important philosophical question of equality or equity? It shows children that different people have different needs. Children will learn to think of others and their abilities during play time in order for everyone to have a good time! Learning this kind of empathy at a young age allows children to cultivate strong and lasting relationships because they are able to put themselves in other’s shoes.

Sometimes, answers aren’t there as soon as a question is asked. Alive Again shows children that they may have to wait for an answer to come. When I Coloured in the World shows children that they have the power for positive change. It celebrates the vastness of the world and how one person’s actions can help so many others.

Children learn in many different ways, why not make it enjoyable and entertaining? Tiny Owl have many titles that can teach children philosophy in fun and creative ways. The lessons do not have to be heavy and full of facts. They can be colourful, exciting, and inspiring!

Written by Tiny Owl intern, Amber Garvey

  • Fair Shares is great for promoting empathy – Readers that Care
  • Grobblechops selected by The Reading Agency as a top book for mental health!
  • Grobblechops features in BookTrust’s Great Books Guide 2019!
  • When I Coloured in the World is recommended as a top book during lockdown – The Guardian


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