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Perhaps the word Qashqai reminds you of a car, namely, the Nissan CUV known as Nissan Qashqai, but if you read our book entitled Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird later, you will see where this car gets its name from.

Qashqai is a name given to an assemblage of tribes in Iran, many members of which still live as nomads and in tents. It is customary for the children and the youth of these tribes to help their elders with chores. These people earn a living by herding or sometimes even farming, but the women and girls of the tribes are also experts in weaving ‘gabbehs’, ‘ghalis’, ‘kilims’ and chantehs’ (all different types of rugs). They shear the wool from their sheep and spin yarn from it. They colour their yarn with natural colours which they extract from flowers and herbs and use the coloured yarn to weave with.


These people weave most of the things they need, but some of their weavings are sold as handicraft. Considering the artistic value and the high quality of these weavings, they are rather popular even in foreign countries. The patterns of these weavings are inspired by the tribal daily life and are sought after in the world market.
Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird is related to this particular activity of the Qashqai tribe. This book opens a whole new world for children and adults and introduces them to the lives of a different people.


You can order this book from here.

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