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by Delaram Ghanimifard

Hoda Hadadi, the illustrator of A Rainbow in My Pocket
Hoda Haddadi, the illustrator of A Rainbow in My Pocket

During the summer trip to Iran, I met Hoda Haddadi to discuss the progress of the new book she is illustrating for Tiny Owl. I first met her at her home. There in addition to some of her artworks on the wall, she had one wall covered with a doll collection, and a display table with all sorts of tiny cars and toys. She was moving houses though, and our next meeting was in a cafe in Tehran.

Hoda’s books are published in different countries and languages. Besides A Rainbow in My Pocket with Tiny Owl, her last published work in English was Deep in Saharaa book for Penguin Random House. She is currently working on a new book for Tiny Owl and two other titles for two American publishers.

I’m not giving away much about the new book yet, but the author is Christine Kidney and this is a sketch of a spread:

My Baby Brother is Just Like Me! work in progress, Hoda Hadadi

Hoda’s illustrations are unique collages. Depending on the text, they take a more abstract or descriptive form. A Rainbow in My pocket, for example, was a more poem and required a more conceptual style. The new book, in contrast, is aimed at a younger audience and is even more approachable.

An extract from A Rainbow in My Pocket
An extract from A Rainbow in My Pocket

Hoda was very kind gifting me one of her artworks. Thank you Hoda!

A gift from Hoda Hadadi
A gift from Hoda Haddadi


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