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An interview with illustrator and children’s author Jane Ray

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We like Jane Ray and she likes Tiny Owl books! She says “Tiny Owl books are wonderful! They’re so diverse, the illustrations are unusual and the colour schemes are just beautiful. I feel that what I’ve seen at Tiny Owl has its own energy, and is refreshing and lovely!”

She’s one of a kind. Jane popped into our office on a hot, muggy day in early August, but she had us feeling refreshed and smiling! While she was here, we grabbed the opportunity for a short 5 minute interview. Jane Ray is known especially for her beautiful artwork and wonderful retellings of classic stories from around the world. She shared with us her thoughts on the importance of diversity in children’s books, as well as the timelessness of folk tales and fairy tales, and how much she loves the books at Tiny Owl!  Watch the brilliant interview below!


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