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An interview with author Elizabeth Laird

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Grobblechops is an exciting new picture book about a little boy called Amir and the monster under his bed. It’s the fourth title in our amazing series Tales by Rumi, which reinterprets the fables of the 13th century Persian poet Rumi as fun, philosophical stories for children. The book was written by amazing author Elizabeth Laird and illustrated by the great Finnish artist Jenny Lucader. Grobblechops was published on 1st February!

We spoke to Elizabeth to get her thoughts on the book. She said she was interested in the timelessness of Rumi’s stories, and how “in the 13th century children were going to bed frightened of monsters”, just like the children of today.

It’s high time we looked to the rest of the world and started seeing what treasures there are.

It was important to her that the family depicted in Grobblechops are South Asian. She said she wanted her grandchildren, who are of South Asian descent, to see their culture reflected in the book.

To find out more about this amazing book, check out our interview with author Elizabeth Laird!

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