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Dare is a poem to inspire all children

Introducing Lorna Gutierrez, the wonderful author of our upcoming book Dare! Lorna Gutierrez is an author and poet who enjoys making difficult subjects easier for children to understand. She has written two previous collections of poetry to encourage building self-esteem and confidence in children: Perfectly Imperfect and I Love Myself. Let Me Tell You Why. This is her first book with Tiny Owl. Dare is an inspirational poem full of messages of empowerment, encouragement and the joy of daring to be the best person you can be. It’s beautifully illustrated by the brilliant British artist Polly Noakes.

Watch the video to find out all about Lorna Gutierrez!

  • Read an interview with illustrator Polly Noaks: It feels natural to draw children from different ethnic backgrounds
  • Read a blog about author’s visit to London
  • Read a review by Melissa Jordan: Dare will make children and adults smile!

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