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marjanMarjan Vafaian has about 15 years of work experience, but her first illustrated book was published no earlier than 10 years ago. However, even before her works were published in books, they were included in various exhibitions and she was known in Iran as an illustrator with a bright future.

Marjan Vafaian’s illustrations are elaborate and full of details that set her works apart from everybody else’s. However, rather than being a prolific illustrator, she prefers to create meritorious works and so there are only a few published books illustrated by her. Almost all of her books have been well received by Iranian critics and have won awards in international exhibitions as well.

Marjan Vafaian is also a capable sketcher and her entries were announced the selected sketches of the 2004’s Figures Futur Biennal.

As well as winning awards in Iran for her illustrations, she was one of the runner-ups in 2004’s Noma Concours for illustrating the book entitled The Sound of Little Green Goats’ Footsteps and two years later, in 2006, she won the Noma Concours Encouragement Prize for the illustrations of The Red Ladybird.

Marjan Vafaian’s illustrations and sketches have been presented in international as well as Iranian exhibitions.

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