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When I Coloured in the World

Read a wonderful review of When I Coloured in the World by Eye Magazine:


When I Coloured in the World
By Ahmadreza Ahmadi, illustration by Ehsan Abdollahi


This book is the product of a powerful partnership between Ahmadi, an Iranian poet, and illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi – also illustrator of A Bottle of Happiness, reviewed previously.
The publisher, Tiny Owl, deserves great credit for bringing books like these to the UK market, it is everything a picture book should be. This is a story of hope, of making the world a better place, of the power of dreams and the innocence of childhood. There is a sense of the profound as a child uses a new set of crayons to turn boredom to play, darkness to light, despair to hope, and so much more, and each time this transformation is effected by a new colourful crayon.


When I Coloured in the World

This is a powerful reminder that the world we make for our children might not be the one we want to leave; might not be the type pf world that children deserve. We should always nurture hope.


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