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Will & Nill

Read a wonderful review of Will & Nill by Marzena Currie for The School Librarian journal, vol. 65 no.1 Spring 2017:


Translated to English from Persian, this picture book focuses on two cats, Will and Nill, who have very different approaches to life. Will is a ‘doer’ and believes in action, which keeps him lively and fit and his belly full, while Nill likes his sleep too much to be bothered about any mundane things – so no wonder he’s the one who ends up with an empty, growling stomach.

This is a very curious picture book, the essence of which reminds me of old-style animal fables by Aesop or La Fontaine, which depict, glorify and criticise various human qualities, especially the vices, often exaggerating them gently (or not so gently) to teach us a moral lesson about right and wrong. Similarly, Will & Nill shows that being active and making an effort always pays off, while laziness or passiveness doesn’t do us any good. The fact that Will decides not to share his food with Nill is a little sad, but probably not entirely unrealistic, judging after my observations  of a couple of local cats who tolerate each other but refuse to share their food with each other! It seems though that Nill can’t be lazy to the bones – he certainly doesn’t look unhealthy, so perhaps it’s just the case of ‘occasional laziness’, which can happen to the best of us. Nicely illustrated with strong colours – warm oranges and reds, striking indigos, emerald greens, perfect mog-greys and their many shades; all in all I found the artwork very appealing. There is more text that we’d normally find in a picture book, but the story flows well and keeps us curious about the ending.

Will & Nill

Marzena Currie


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